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Saving the Vorwuls since 3289

...in a cage!

18 February
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  • turps33@gmail.com

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Terri, a live at home mam, lives in NE England with my boys and a house full of animals, right now 4 cats and a tank of fish. Loves fandom, fanfic and messing online. Terrible procrastinator, has a love/hate thing going with email, is in lust Pete Wentz, Ryan Ross and especially Mikey Way.


My main active fandom is bandom, but I also love popslash and read in multiple other tv based fandoms, I'm easy like that.

I co mod mikeyway_daily


Nsync, Savage Garden, Backstreet Boys, My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Linkin Park, The Young Veins, Cobra Starship.

Shows I Love

Trek, especially Voyager, Supernatural, Bones, all the CSIs, Without a Trace, Torchwood, Doctor Who, America's Next Top Model, Project Catwalk and Runway, Journeyman, Pushing Daisies, Brothers and Sisters, Ugly Betty, Criminal Minds and many many lame reality shows


Most things in my journal are public. I only lock the woe filled posts of angst, and really, who wants to read them? So friend away, there's no need to ask. I don't read on a filter, so if I friend you, I'll read you. I used to automatically friend back, but not so much now. However, if you let me know you're there, I probably will.

What they said


What I'm listening to

In conclusion MIKEY \o/