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It turns out we weren't actually getting the new stairlift fitted on Tuesday, just the man was coming out to do an assessment and to get things rolling to get it fitted. It's not an issue as it's working fine atm, so now it's just a case of waiting.

Something I learned this week. How to cut a watermelon easily. So, ever since I've eaten watermelon I've cut it in half and the scooped out the flesh, which is a pain. We both love the stuff and James takes it as a snack to work, so we've been buying the pre-cut slices as I found cutting the whole ones a pain but those slices are expensive for what you're getting. Then I saw something on FB which said you actually cut them by halving them, then cutting the peel off from the top. It was a revelation! Cutting watermelon is so easy now, and while I'm sure people are sitting there shaking their heads and wondering how else you'd cut watermelon, it just never occurred to me before.

But a food fail. I eat sugar-free jelly and fruit most nights. I've been making those little packets for years now, sometimes adding fruit to the jelly mixture, sometimes putting it on top when set. This week I added pre-cut frozen fruit and was puzzled when neither pot set. Then realised the fruit had pineapple in. No way would it ever set, so goodbye liquid jelly, no snack for me that night.

We have a baby crow that keeps coming into the garden with its parent. It's there now and I keep looking outside to watch it. It's got this little round fluffy head and makes the most adorable squawk. Of course, it could be many different baby and adult crow combos, but I like to think it's the same ones who know we keep all the feeders well stocked.

We went to see Stuber at the cinema and it was okayish but at a few points was heading toward, is this over yet? territory. But what was great was the couple sitting behind us. Never have I heard a more responsive woman, she made me laugh with her gasps and delighted laughter and then when we were leaving the man of the partnership chatted with me saying how great the film had been. I just smiled and agreed.

Our dishwasher has sprung yet another leak. It did the same a few weeks ago and we got a repairman out who said one of the spinners had split, so ordered a new one. Once we'd changed those the leak stopped. But then two days ago I set the dishwasher away, went in the bath, and came down to the whole kitchen floor covered in water. I don't know what's up with it this time, but I guess we'll need to get another repair-person out. At least if something is going to fail I'd rather it be the dishwasher as I can easily cope with washing dishes by hand, clothes not so much. But I do miss the convenience.

New Killjoys starts soon. I'm very much looking forward to that, and new Queer Eye eps tomorrow \o/

I'd planned on getting some writing done today, waved James off to work, only for him to be back half an hour later after he got ill on the way in. Not that he stops me writing. He knows I do it and is encouraging, but I like to be in my own little bubble when I write. Ha, but saying that, I managed to create a bubble and have written a nice chunk of an Umbrella Academy fill for one of my h/c bingo squares.

Now I just need to catch up on the sunshine challenges. One of which is reccing and one asking for stuff. Problem is, right now I'm not sure what to say for either.

Finally, for the people heading to Camp Sparkle, have the best time! I'm sorry I can't be there yet again but I'm sure you'll have the best time as always. Sparkle on, give many hugs and admire Chris for me.

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