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Sunshine Challenge prompt three

I was wondering what to write for this response, and in the end, decided to write about Schitt's Creek.

I only discovered the show a few months ago, which thankfully meant I could marathon the first four seasons, and then the fifth came onto Netflix not long after.

I have to admit, at first I wasn't sure why it was so popular with some of my friends. The main characters seemed unsympathetic and unlikeable, they talked in a ridiculous manner and the situations they'd found themselves in seemed very much self-inflicted. But I kept watching and quickly realised that while yeah, every member of the Rose family was messed up in some way, at heart this was a family based on love. Yes, it was a screwed up kind of love, but they did and do love one another, and learn to express that better as the show goes on.

They also make friends with a frankly odd assortment of people from the town, but those friendships show just how much the main characters grow, and it's a journey I really enjoyed watching. Plus, of course, Patrick and David.

Okay, I'll cut this in case people want to watch and don't want to be spoiled. Plus, also cutting for

Actually, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

The show is based on the Rose family, they're incredibly wealthy and live an extravagant lifestyle, that comes crashing down around their heads when they lose all their money. Penniless, they're forced to go live in a grotty, run-down motel in a town called Schitt's Creek, a place Johnny -- the dad of the family -- bought David -- his son -- as a joke.

The family is forced to live in two motel rooms and pretty much struggle terribly at first. This episode is when I found the characters the most annoying, but, despite everything, they start to pull things together.

This is Johnny, the father of the Rose family. He sees himself as a great businessman, though one who should never have trusted his business manager and shows that business sense in later seasons when he helps run the motel. He's obviously head over heels in love with Moira and very protective of his children. While not overly expressive, I think he's a good dad and a person who stands by his principals.


Moira is Johnny's wife and the mother of Alexis and David. A somewhat successful soap actress she keeps a variety of wigs pinned to the hotel room walls and wears different ones often. Goes to bed with a waistcoat over her pj top. Wants to be the centre of attention always and really isn't much of the earth mother type at all. So much so she struggles to remember her children's birthdays or attend any of their important moments. But again, that's something that changes during the run of the show, and deep down she loves her children and adores Johnny.


David, their eldest, is sarcastic, blunt, neurotic, afraid of many things, self-centred and frequently dislikes people. They're all qualities that should make him completely unlikeable, but like the others, as the episodes go on he grows and mellows and some of his blunt edges are softened -- a little. He makes fast friends with Stevie and eventually enters a relationship with Patrick. And it's this relationship that makes David grow the most, as he realises he is loveable and can love in return.


Alexis starts as a self-centred socialite who spent her younger years as a model travelling the world and as such never graduated high school. Her way of speaking takes a little to get used to but you quickly find out that despite being so self-centred she's also loving and a solid support to her brother, though still enjoys bickering and teasing him. She has such a lovely character growth through the seasons, learning that loving someone means compromising and becoming much more independent. Though, never loses that heart of who she is.


If you watch you'll also get to know many other unique characters like the town mayor, Roland. Roland's wife Jocelyn, their son Mutt, who also dates Alexis for a while. Stevie, who looks after the motel and becomes David's best friend, mainly because she also hates people. Ted, the vet and Alexis' eventual steady boyfriend, a few more minor characters and of course, Patrick.

Oh man, Patrick.


He's the perfect other half to David, it takes them a while to get there, especially as David is the first guy Patrick has fallen for, and it's so lovely to watch their relationship develop. I could say a thousand words but see for yourself.



I can't seem to embed these, so links of some nice moments below.

My heart!

He's just the right fit for David. Calm when David isn't at all. Solid always and accepts David for who he is without wanting to change him. I think that's such a lovely thing and I love how he becomes more than just David's boyfriend and a part of the town.

They sing to each other.

The proposal ♥

If you're intrigued, the below video has all of the highlights of their relationship.

Or you could go here and see some of their best moments on the page.

To end, a few photos.


I don't read much in the fandom but read a fantastic David/Patrick story lately that deals with David getting amnesia and Patrick having to deal with the person we first knew in season one. It was such a great read. Watching Through Windows.

I really do recommend the show, and stick with it if you're not immediately pulled in. Because if you give the Rose family a chance they could grab hold of your heart, too. Plus, the relationship between David and Patrick that starts in season three is well worth waiting for.

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