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We picked up Freesia's ashes from the vet yesterday.

She came home in a lovely box with a card containing her paw prints, a small keepsake bauble filled with some of her black and white fur and a small plastic bag containing more fur. The box that actually contains her ashes is small with a small brass plate with her name, and that was inside a much bigger sturdy box that looks really practical and smart. Except it also has a heart embossed on it, a heart that contains a sitting cat and dog. I've hidden that in a corner until I'm emotionally prepared to deal with it, and Freesia is next to the boxes that contain Moffet and Tex.

Yes, I shed yet more tears, but I'm glad she's home. And soon I'll be sending some of her ashes off to be put into a bead for my bracelet. I know some people don't like ashes jewellery but the bead that contains mam's ashes is a comfort to me and a beautiful emerald green bead containing some of Freesia's ashes will do the same.

It was also my MiLs 70th birthday yesterday. Sadly the situation with my nephew has blown up even more so she wasn't in any mood to celebrate. I feel bad as last year her birthday was completely overshadowed by mam's funeral which was the next day. And now this year the celebration we planned has been shot down in flames. We have bought her a very basic smartphone though as the one she has now is tiny with no internet access and this way she'll be able to get online and look at photos.

We also got a phone call saying we're getting a new stairlift. The one we have now is 19 years old and apparently, you can't get the spare parts now. So when the guy came last week to service it he said he'd request a new one, and it's been granted and will be fitted next Tuesday. Hopefully, it shouldn't take too long and won't create too much mess.

Today we went to see Midsommer at the cinema, all I can say is... I'm not sure what to say really, visually it was stunning in places but, yeah... What I can say is it has some scenes that will be branded in my brain for a very long time.

ETA: Some spoilers for the film in comments.

The next sunshine challenge is up, but I haven't decided on my answer yet. Something for tomorrow I think.

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