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Sunshine Challenge prompt two

What does your username mean? How is it pronounced? What's your origin story? Is it fannish?

Easy answer is, my user name is a nickname my brother gave me way back in the day.

He's called me Turps for ages, and his kids call me auntie Turps, it's just a thing. I honestly can't remember the last time he addressed me by my actual name. And how he got to turps, to him it was Terri = Ter = Terps =Turps. So, nothing more meaningful than that. I'm turps33 in some places but that was simply because when I joined LJ turps was already taken so I had to add on a random number, and for some reason 33 popped into my head. It doesn't actually mean anything.

I'm turps pretty much everywhere I have an account online, sometimes just turps, sometimes turps33. The only place I'm not is Tumblr and I haven't used that account for years, and even then only posted a handful of times.

Turps is pronounced just like the paint cleaner thing is, so again, nothing of note.

I feel like I've talked about my origin story a few times, but for the few people who don't know.

Imagine it's many many years ago where a young Terri was intrigued by this shiny new thing called the internet. However, at that time I didn't have my own computer so the only place I could get online was at the library. So, I booked a slot, sat down, stared at the screen and decided to look for information on Poltergeist the Legacy. It was a show I loved a lot then, though did go off it a bit when I found a site and it had a stupid embedded wolf howl that of course, howled loudly when the site loaded.

Not long after that I got a house with James, and one of our first decisions was to get a computer. It was huge, like a brick and you could only access the net via dialup, and even then we had to keep to the cheap hours, which at the time were between 6 pm and midnight.

Cutting the story short, I loved that computer and was soon looking up all my favourite shows. One of which was Voyager. Because of Voyager I found Yahoo Groups -- or were they E groups, I can't remember which one came first now -- and those groups had fanfic, which astounded me because stories! About characters I love. I soon became a dedicated Paris/Torres shipper and happily consumed any posted fic, sending LoCs -- remember them? -- and devouring every fic I could find.

Then I ran out of fic and went searching further and saw a Voyager group which was classed as slash. I ignored it as I didn't like horror stuff and didn't think it would suit me. Then, after one too many nights of no new fic, I clicked on that link in desperation --- and found my people.

Within days I'd become an avid Paris/Kim and Chakotay/Paris fan and from there ventured far and wide to other new fandoms due to groups I found. I joined and commented on such fandoms as A-Team, Highlander, Trek and most significant, The Sentinel, where I took my first baby steps as a writer.

And that was the start of it all.

What is your default icon about? Does it have personal meaning? Why did you choose it? What is it from? What does "fannish identity" mean to you?

My default is one of Mikey from My Chemical Romance, looking pensive, and no meaning except I think he looks good. In all my time online I've only had three default icons, I just don't change them very often.

My fannish identity? A writer I guess, a commenter, in the past a runner of challenges and comms. While I don't do those now I'm proud of all the things I ran or helped run in the past, and am happy at this point to write occasionally and read a lot.

Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish.

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