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Thank you so much to [personal profile] dine for the card. Getting mail from you is always an awesome thing ♥

I've just been out potting on yet more courgettes. Having a glut is inevitable at this point. Why did I ever worry I wouldn't have enough?

Yesterday I gave blood and as we were in Newcastle decided to try Taco Bell for dinner. It was good and I'd go back, though we need to remember the meals come with a lot of food and an extra side really isn't needed. Plus, to be wary of the self-order screen as those add ons add up. Thankfully James asked if they did an NHS discount and as they did we had to abandon that order and order at the counter, where without the adds on and the discount the cost dropped by nearly half.

Other nice things that have happened lately. We went to see Kinky Boots at the theatre and it was brilliant, going up there as one of my favourite shows I've seen. We went to Mog on the Tyne to see the new kittens and they're adorable. Two sisters, a tabby and a black cat. You're not supposed to pick the cats up, if they want to sit on you it's fine but picking them up is a no-no, but as James couldn't get down to kitten level one of the staff members let him have a kitten cuddle which he really enjoyed.

Two nights ago we drove our niece to her prom. She looked beautiful and was very patient at having seemingly a thousand photos taken with various family members. We decked out our car in ribbons that matched her dress and she got special permission to visit my nephew and of course, my in-laws were there and my MiL was glowing when she saw her. It was lovely to see. Actually waiting at the school was eye-opening, proms weren't a thing when I was at school and were just coming in when Corey was there, so this was the first full-blown prom I'd seen, and all the kids looked fantastic. So many beautiful dresses and sharp suits. Also, so many big cars, limos etc. So many the road got completely jammed in the end.

Tomorrow I'm off to visit my aunt with Kayleigh. It's just us and while we always say we're going for an hour or so only, I suspect we'll be there into the early evening. Oh, and I saw the new Spider-Man and enjoyed it loads. But I'll cut the rest

It was surprisingly emotional with a big focus on Tony's death, Natasha, Steve and Vision were mentioned too but as it was from Peter's POV it was more focused on his feelings for Tony. I did think the explanation for the snap or the blip as they called it, in terms of ages was a bit heavy-handed at the beginning, but can't really think of a different way they could get it over quickly and in the end, the explanation did work. I liked Happy and how the film was a mix of serious and humorous. Peter and his friends were such kids, and I liked that, and that he was struggling with the expectations of being a superhero. I mean, who wouldn't at that age?

I didn't expect the Fury and Hill twist at the end, but it did explain why they seemed a little off throughout. I didn't see the big twist coming either, though had started to be suspicious when Peter handed over the glasses because that seemed to be a really bad idea.

I'm seriously considering joining [community profile] intoabar it looks fun and the word count is low.

I have the next sunshine challenge to do but think I'll do that in a separate post. Or you know, post in a day or so as it's sunny out there and sitting in the garden reading with a cold drink at hand sounds very appealing right now.

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