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This is just a small post about Freesia. I just wanted to share some photos of her and talk about her a bit.

Like all my cats, Freesia was a rescue cat. Funny thing was, we weren't supposed to get her. We'd gone to the shelter and decided to get this big ginger tom. We only had one other cat at the time -- sadly she died many years ago -- so this new cat would be our second ever. We went back the next day to pick up the tom and found out he'd been given to someone else. We were upset at the time, but it turned out he could have never come home with us anyway as he was an outdoor cat and we wanted indoor cats.

None of the other cats really suited us, and we were about to leave when we saw a crate on the floor. It was a cat that had just come back from being spayed, and I looked down and saw Freesia looking up at me. She was beautiful with the most gorgeous face with a striking black nose and I fell in love instantly. At that moment I knew she was our cat.

It turned out she'd been bullied by other animals at her old home, often spending all her time hiding on top of the kitchen units, so she'd been rehomed. Despite that, she was fine with other animals, which was a good thing as we had another cat and dog at the time, then got three more cats after Moffet died.

She soon settled in and I quickly found out she was a lap cat. Not that I had a lap at the time, this was well before I'd lost all of the weight, so she used to lie on my chest, and never got away from that habit. I'd sit down and she'd be there, either lying on me or on top of the chair back behind me. When I came home she'd run to the door and was always waiting when I opened it. We used to do this thing where we'd head butt each other. I'd say, 'head butt' and we'd butt heads for a while as she purred like crazy. She was a small cat under all of the hair, but had this loud meow, and would respond when I talked to her.

She was beautiful and loving and I miss her. But thinking about her has been a big reminder of how much she had changed at the end. She was still loving, still wanted to be close but had lost all of her spark. We were never sure of her exact age but do know she was 18 years plus, and was loved for every single moment of those when she was with us.

Just a few of her including one of a pj'ed and bed-headed me with Freesia in her favourite place, and one really old one which is apparently the only time I've ever got all four of them pictured together.


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