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Sunshine Challenge prompt one

My appointment went well yesterday. I was picked up by the minibus, just me and two volunteer drivers in it, and brought home in the car. I did get a bit worried going as they were late but suspected they'd got lost on the estate trying to find my house as the numbers are in no logical order. Which is what had happened, but I was still there on time.

I'm back in three months with no change in compressions as my legs haven't gone up or down. The actual measurements have changed in that they've got smaller at the bottom and bigger at the top, but that evens out. My lympth nurse says it's because the fluid has been pushed up but then has stuck, which is probably due to flying and the heat recently. So it's a case of just doing what I've been doing and see where we are in three months time.

I joined [community profile] sunshine_challenge and prompt one is to do some fannish housekeeping. You can see the post here

I have to admit I'm horribly disorganised about such things. I was looking at my user info yesterday and it was easily 5 plus years out of date. As for things like tags, ouch. I'm lucky if I remember to use them at all, and in fact thinking back I'm sure the only ones I've used consistently were ones for weight loss surgery and Christmas, and that second one was just because I got sick of looking for addresses so is only used once a year. I'd say I'll do better, but well, I know myself and know that isn't going to happen.

But I did I tidy up my user info a bit, added some new interests and fannish loves, took some away and had a little bit of a change around. I still need to redo my icons, because I have none for my current interests and really should have one about Lush and cinema going considering how often I talk about them. To that end, I renewed my paid account yesterday so I have access to more icons for a while. Now I just need to be brutal and delete more of Mikey so I have spaces. I also added a link to my insta as I use that a lot. That's not locked and anyone can follow but it's not actually fannish as such, more my rl and day to day stuff.

I only post fic to A03 now, so that was easily sorted and my transformation works policy has been sticky posted for years, so I don't completely fail at everything.

So to fannishly sum up. Hello, welcome! I like reading my flist and commenting. While I don't write as often as I used to I still enjoy it, and alternate between writing for The Musketeers, Umbrella Academy, MCU -- only Winterhawk right now -- and bandom. I've very much an OTC person and not OTP, and going by my current fandoms that's Aramis, Klaus, Clint and Mikey. And wow, that's a foursome I'd enjoy.

I watch and enjoy a lot more tv than I post about, and am eagerly looking forward to the new Queer Eye episodes being released soon. I've got an Odeon cinema unlimited card which means I go to see a lot of movies and sometimes talk about them. Though I'm very easily pleased film wise so I'm not exactly a good critic.

I don't mind lurkers at all and don't keep a note of who comments and how often. I enjoy any kind of comment -- well, as long as it's not negative -- and 99% of the time will answer. If I don't it's because sometimes things fall through the cracks and is totally me and not you.

Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish.

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