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I had a scare today when I had to take Freesia to the vets. She hasn't been herself for a bit now so we made an appointment for her at the vets for tomorrow. But today she was just wrong. Not eating or drinking and very lethargic and every part of me was saying she needed to see the vet asap. Problem being, James was at work and so was Kayleigh so I couldn't get a lift.

In the end, I phoned and they said to bring her straight in, so I called for a taxi and she was seeing the vet within half an hour. She's had fluids, painkillers and antibiotics as she's got an infection somehow. But all her bloods for more serious conditions were okay which was a huge relief. So hopefully it's just a little thing that's knocked her as she's so old. She's back tomorrow for another check-up but already seems brighter, so much so she's eaten two trays of food. I also got a £270 bill, so, goodbye the last of our savings. Saying that, it was never an issue I wouldn't pay for the meds she needs.

Really, the end of June needs sacking off. Especially so as my in-laws are going through something horrible right now and I feel terrible for them.

In nicer news, we went to see the new Toy Story on Sunday and enjoyed it a lot. I didn't think we would get tickets but Durham had some for the iMax screen -- the first row of the iMax screen. I have to admit, I wouldn't choose to sit that close again. While it was cool to see everything so huge, it was slightly dizzying at times, and I'm glad it wasn't some kind of action film we were seeing.

The cinema was really busy, with all the Toy Story showings full to capacity, much to the displeasure of a man who rocked up with his family and expected to get seats all together about 20 minutes before the film started. He couldn't seem to take it in there were none left and kept demanding to know how all the tickets had already been sold. The person dealing with him had to keep patiently explaining about online sales and how most people don't buy tickets at the counter just before shows, especially on opening weekend for a popular film. But the guy still stomped off in a temper.

And more nice news. Two new kittens have just arrived at Mog on the Tyne and we still have our free loyalty visit to use. Kittens will surely help turn around a bad week.

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