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Wednesday we were back at the limb centre. This second leg is being a pain, it fit James fine when he first put it on but made his hips and back hurt after walking a while, so had to go back for more adjustments. Apparently it was just a touch too long and it's been shortened by 3mm, so hopefully that will help.

His appointment was at 11 but we ended up waiting ages as they've finally got a consultant back in the unit. I've been going with James a really long time, and in all that time he's seen the technicians and limb making specialists, never a doctor. But it seems they've got one now and as he only works one day a week they wanted him to see all the patients. Which we didn't know when we arrived, and only found out when we'd been waiting for ages as the doctor was running behind big time. After the eventual visit with him, James went off with his tech and I got to hang in the waiting room. Thankfully I had my purse on me and the shop was open so I chilled for the length of two coffees before James was done.

After that we went off for lunch, and then drove to the Metrocenter to watch the new Men in Black film. It was okay, and two of the people we know were working there so we got to have a good chat with them beforehand.

After we had to go to Morrisons to pick up my new hand held hoover. Now i know this is sad but I was so happy to get it. My old one broke and while I do hoover every day with four cats I tend to put the hoover away, walk back in the living room and already the tufts of hair are back. So the handheld is perfect for tuft pick up, and crumb pick up, and getting those annoying cobwebs from ceilings that seem to pop up from nowhere.

These last few days have been nice, sunny and warm so I've been pottering and tidying in the house and garden. After my worry last month about not having enough courgette and tomato plants, I'm now overrun with them. The greenhouse is full of thriving tomato plants and the garden path lined with the things. As for the courgettes. The raised bed is full, I have pots of them dotted around, and another 5 plants waiting to be potted on. All I can say is, it's good we actually like courgettes and tomatoes.

A first line meme has been going around, and after seeing Pen do it I figured I'd do the same. But also used Pen's addition of including last lines too. It was interesting to see everything grouped together. Not sure if I can see any trends apart from the fact I like short first and last lines.

First lines from ten stories.

Rules: list the first lines of your last 10 published stories. See if there are any patterns yourself, or have other people say what they notice.

It’s Athos that gets Porthos the job at the animal shelter. Puppies and Kittens and Goats, Oh My Musketeer gen.

Klaus isn’t sure how it started. The Sexth Sense Umbrella Academy Klaus with all his sibs.

“What do you mean he’s gone missing?” On the Edge For You Bucky/Clint MCU

“Technically, I’d say this is a threesome,” Klaus states as he stretches, at least tries to. His bed isn’t the biggest and right now, a sleeping Diego is taking up a lot of the space. “Don’t you think so?” Everything has Come Undone Umbrella Academy Klaus/Diego

“I’m a vampire.” Frank stands in the bathroom, toothbrush clutched in his hand and the taste of mint on his fangs as he repeats the words, slower this time, trying to add some conviction. “I’m a vampire” On Brooding Wings Bandom, Mikey/Frank

Bucky hates today. Merry Christmas, I Could Care Less Bucky/Clint MCU

“Do not look in there,” Tahani states, eyes wide and hand brought up to her mouth. She takes a deep breath, shuddering slightly as she looks back at the door she’s slammed shut. “They’re torturing someone. Those poor, poor people.” We've No Way of Knowing The Good Place

Having to work on Christmas eve isn’t Athos’ favourite thing ever, but truthfully, he doesn't actually mind. You'd Better Watch Out Musketeers gen.

The trouble with touring in a van is -- they’re touring in a van. -- Kiss Without a Sound Bandom, Mikey/Frank

If pushed, Ray would admit he’s good at some things. -- Welcome to the Darker Side. Bandom, Mikey/Gerard, Ray watching.

And the last lines. Ending really isn't one of my strengths, and before beta I often finish with a whimper and not a bang. Thankfully I do have a beta and she often prods me for more. Saying that, here they are, same order as above.

How could he not? And it’s not like Athos can object, it is his idea after all.

But for now, Klaus sleeps.

Until then, Clint’s content to lean against Bucky, as together, they head toward home.

All Klaus can say is, “I know.”

Fuck Dracula anyway. Frank hates him.

And for the first time today, smiles, when Clint takes a bite of the muffin before screwing up his face and says, “Urg, dirt,” before walking away.

Tahani opens the door.

All Aramis does in laugh in response.

Ray wipes his arm across his forehead and straightens, looking for a long moment before he smiles and simply says, “Deal.”

All Ray can do is say, "Yes."

Ahahaha, okay, conclusion is, I really do like short last lines.

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