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We had a very nice meet up with Corey yesterday. We went out for dinner and he bought James a card and chocolates and we caught up on all our news. There's a photo of him and James here. Though it could have been better of them both.

Today we've been to the new Durham Odeon again. The car park was much better this time and we could park right next to the lift. This is the view right outside the cinema. Pretty great I think. We'd gone to see the new Godzilla film, but sadly it was the worst film I've seen for ages. I'm normally easily pleased film-wise, but this? I lost the will to live about a third in and only finished watching by pretending it was supposed to be a comedy. The dialogue was clunky, the motivations for the characters suspect, and the filmed set pieces so unsubtle it was like being smacked in the face by a brick.

We'd also gone to Sunderland this morning as I needed to change our theatre tickets for Kinky Boots. Last week I realised we'd booked on the anniversary of mam's death. I've no idea how that happened as obviously, I know the date. All I can think is we booked a few shows together, pretty much showing the booking person when James was off, and then they found the best seats. Since realising I've been thinking about it, veering between telling myself it would be okay to go, and I could even imagine mam's voice in my head telling me it was fine, to not be so stupid and go. But, the longer I thought the more I knew that no way could I go. It just felt wrong on a gut level, and when we walked out of the box office with new tickets it was like some weight had gone from my shoulders.

Thankfully being members of the theatre meant we could change, but even if we couldn't I would have given my ticket away.

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