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Yesterday we went to the new Odeon at Durham to check it out and to watch Dark Phoenix. I enjoyed the film in a superficial way, and still find Nightcrawler ridiculously hot. I liked the new cinema, too, it only opened on the weekend so little things need to be done. Like, the car park was still being finished so while you could park they had the disabled bays blocked off, I suspect due to wet floor paint as they were open when we left, and a lack of signs how to actually get up to the cinema. Which is how we ended up going up stairs when there was a lift, just not signed very well.

The cinema itself is very plush and small. Only a few screens but all of them are recliner seats with Imax. While there is no Costa they do have a machine that will give you Costa hot drinks, so that's good. And have no issue about taking in your own food and drink, which is great as there's a shake shop and a Poundland just around the corner. Distance wise it's much closer than our two other regular Odeon's so I can see us going there a lot. Plus, a bonus is, Durham is so pretty.

Yesterday we also had to wait in for a visit from a crime stats man. Apparently, they randomly pick households and then go interview people about what they think of the police presence in the area if they've been a victim of crime or unsociable behaviour etc. He was here about an hour and it was all pretty chill, and at the end, we got a book of stamps for taking part.

Plus there was putting together a new stand for our TV. In terrible timing, just an hour or so before James was going to pick up my InLaws last week I heard a crack and our tv listed to one side. Checking it out the stand had sheered on one side and really couldn't be left how it was. There was no way we could go and leave the in-laws tvless for a week, especially as my MiL never goes out so the tv is her only entertainment, so we frantically tried to find a place that sold them, but we've got a huge tv and getting a stand that would fit that late on a Sunday was impossible. In the end, we brought down Corey's tv from his bedroom and arranged to have a stand delivered yesterday. Which it was and I swapped TVs again and built the stand and attached the stand and didn't throw it and the million and one parts out of the window.... but it was close.

Today it's my youngest niece's birthday so we're off there for a tea party. The poor thing broke her elbow on Saturday and is in a full cast. She's having a party plus bouncy castle on the weekend and it looks like all she'll be able to do is watch. I'm also going to see Kayleigh and at some point will have to start cooking actual food again. That's always a shock when you've been away and have had everything made for you.

Finally, I got my h/c bingo card yesterday and it's a thing of beauty, though I'm amused I've got bodyguards yet again. Let it go random generator, I've been there, done that, already.

near death experience group support therapy hospital stay on the run
hazing / bullying sacrifice body / mindswap asking for help hostile climate
blackmail ostracised from society WILD CARD self-harm hostages
loss of home / shelter electrocution hunger / starvation crucifixion mercy killing
forced body modification exhaustion washing / bathing someone dystopia bodyguards

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