Terri (turps33) wrote,

I'm home.

Well, I actually got home yesterday but couldn't really kick the inlaws out of the door as soon as we got back. Then I had tidying to do, many many washes of clothes, cats to appease and a garden that had turned to a jungle within a week.

But, we had an excellent time. The hotel was great, it was sunny and hot, especially the first few days. I drank many cocktails, sat in the sun, went to a zoo and a drag show, found many cats, explored and swam and it was just lovely. The hotel was on the ocean front and our room was feet away from the pool, we could literally step over a low wall at the end of our terrace, walk past the sun loungers and the pool was right there.

I'll do a more detailed post asap and share some photos -- with apologies to the people who follow me on Insta who really will be sick of my face. But until then, I hope you've all had a good week and I'll catch up soon, which will probably be tomorrow now.

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