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It's our wedding anniversary. Three years ago today and so much has changed since that day. I was talking to one of my neighbours yesterday and he said it's good that people never know what's around the corner, and I agree. So I've been sitting here in the quiet, thinking of mam and nanna and how the day itself was a good one, when I finally married the person who I've been with and loved since I was 18 years old.

Tomorrow we fly off on our holiday. Our flight is at 7 am so we need to be up at 3 so we can get up, ready and drop the car off in time at long stay parking. My MiL and FiL are coming later today and until then I need to go buy groceries for the week for them and then give the house a good clean and tidy. Not that there's that much to do as I've spent the last week getting things ready for them, the cats, the garden and us.

I've also visited with Pauline, Kayleigh and took my MiL and FiL out to dinner and then yesterday took Corey out to eat and have a good catch up. He made me laugh as for the last few years he's been working at a nightclub to supplement his grant. He's been trained up to be a supervisor and as part of that, he now does half a shift a week in a sister bar that hosts male strippers and is really popular with hen parties. Apparently, on his last shift, they had 400 hens in the place and seeing the state some of the hens get into at Newcastle just walking around the streets I can only imagine how chaotic it must be dealing with that number. But, he seems to like it.

I'm going to have a quick online catch up now, and then that'll probably be it until I'm back. Unless you follow me on Insta, in that case you'll probably be sick of seeing my stupid face.

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