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We had a nice day on Wednesday.

As it was so beautifully sunny we went for a walk at the Wetlands, we're members there so it's free to get in and they have a motorised scooter James can use, meaning we can go around the full site. I did kick him off on a flat path and take charge of the scooter so he could do some actual walking too. But mostly I walked, he drove. We were a few weeks early for the ducklings but there were so many goslings, plus, I got to hand feed the geese, which was slightly terrifying as those things are fierce. They'd eat the corn, then hiss, eat some more, hiss and so on. Some of the otters have been sent to other places so there are only three left, but we got to see them be fed and they posed for some photos.

Home after that and I put some more clothes up to sell, some of which did within hours, and then we had theatre tickets to see Club Tropicana on the night. Before our belt tightening due to the holiday we'd booked a few shows to see, and that night was the first of them. CT was fun, Joe McElderry was the main guy and he was good, funny, and I really enjoyed it was based around cheesetastic 80s music. At the end of the actual play part they had a mini concert with the cast and all the audience could get up to dance. That was fun, too.

Thursday we went to see Aladdin at the cinema, and it was better than I expected. Yes, a blue Will Smith is weird but I actually didn't mind his take on genie, and the songs were nicely upbeat, a bonus was the main cast being very easy on the eye. We also went to Costco to buy some pop and for once only came out with two things, the thing we actually went for and one extra.

Yesterday we went to see Rocket Man, which was okay. Taron Egerton always plays a good part, but my main issue was, I'm not really a fan of Elton John, I like some of his music, but as a person I'm indifferent to him, so there was no emotional connection. After we were talking to one of the cinema staff about the new Odeon that's going to open at Durham in a few weeks. It'll become our closest cinema by quite a distance and it sounds nice, if small. It's going to have six screens, all the Luxe kind with reclining seats. But, no Costa attached to it. So much woe! Admittedly there are plenty of coffee places in Durham itself and sometimes I don't even buy coffee, just taking in water or pop. But still, woe! Having a skinny latte or coffee frostino is part of my cinema going process.

Also woe, somehow in-between buying my shopping and getting home I lost a jar of peanut butter and a carton of soup. I realised about the PB last night but it just clicked I'm a soup down today. We drove to two different places so all I can think is it fell out of the boot in the second carpark. That or it'll turn up in the house months from now and I'll have a bloated soup bomb to deal with.

To end

I can well remember watching the very first season of GoT when it was broadcast, and as soon as the last episode finished needed to know what would happen to Daenerys and her dragons. So I bought the books, and spent the next year ploughing my way through them. I can also remember posting about getting the books and getting comments about not getting attached to any characters, and yeah.

I've issues with this last season. It's been rushed and really needed more episodes to flesh things out. It's like, I can understand why they did things because the hints and threads were there, but everything happened so fast. I mean, I was convinced Arya would take Jaime's face and kill Cersei, but no, all those years of training all for a moment killing the Night King and then nothing. And all the years building up to the battle with the white walkers, the discovery that dragon glass kills them, finding the dragon glass, forging it, and then in one episode the walkers were finished and the NK killed.

As for Cersei being killed by rocks. Seriously? Seriously!? She deserved a much better death. I do have to admit it made sense that Jaime was with her at the end because as wrong as their relationship was, and as evil as Cersei was, they did love each other. Even so, rocks fall, power couple die. Come on! And neither are battered and bloody when revealed by Tyrion. This is the show that shows people's eyes be popped out, guts being spilled, heads lopped off and you have those two looking perfect after being squashed to death.

Also, fuck off Bran the Broken! Stupid useless blank wooden idiot with his 'why do you think I came all this way'. Again, I get why it happened, but why did it have to be him?

Saying all that, I'm actually mostly satisfied by the ending. For me it was always about the Stark sibs, and I include Jon in that. I championed Sansa from the start, think Arya is amazing, enjoyed Jon -- mostly, and was gutted when Robb and Rickon died. Okay, I can take or leave Bran, but he's still a Stark sib so I'm glad he survived. Mostly. When I'm not shaking my fist at him being utterly annoying.

And of course, Ghost. I can forgive a lot for that Jon and Ghost reunion. I was also happy that Tyrion survived, and Brienne and Ser Podrick.

I love Sansa being queen in the North, and Arya going off to explore, and Jon off with Ghost and the freefolk. I think they were ends fitting for them all, though I do wonder why the other heads of house didn't have reservations about Starks pretty much ruling the whole country, Jon in the far north, Sansa the north, Bran the six kingdoms, and goodness knows what Arya gets up to.

So yeah, goodbye GoT, you had your faults but I'll miss you.


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