Terri (turps33) wrote,

The h/c exchange has gone live and I got a very lovely Musketeers story which you can read right here.

It's Porthos and Aramis and set post Savoy, and I enjoyed it very much.

There's also a whole exchange worth of h/c goodness to get stuck into, so many fandoms, so many stories right here. Mine is in there somewhere, too. But I'll talk about that when writers are revealed.

Operation keep away from GoT spoilers has gone okay so far. I did have to dive to change the channel on breakfast news this morning, but other than that have just kept away from anywhere spoilers could happen. Apparently, James had to walk away from a spoilery conversation at work, so he's having a harder job than me. Though, kudos to those people who must have stayed up until the 2am showing and then headed off to a day shift.

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