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I got the most excellent package from [personal profile] sperrywink with awesome Groot and Rocket art and penguin-themed items and useful things for the kitchen. It was such a fabulous box to receive. All that and she's writing Winterhawk for me, too. Well, not for me exactly, but I may be claiming it as such in my head *g* Thank you again, Kimberly, you're the best ♥

Last week my brother sent me a text and said one of his friends could mend our fence at mate's rates. Not the whole thing, but the post that's leaning which means the gate could be shut properly. Right now I have to prop it shut with the bin and a small stone statue, which is obviously not ideal, and we really wanted it done before the in-laws come to watch the house in a few weeks. So his text was welcome. However, it also meant I needed to clean the area next to the rotten post. It's a space behind the greenhouse which became a dumping ground and also choked with ivy.

Thankfully it's been beautiful weather today, so this afternoon I've been hauling wood and bins and random thrown out stuff then attacked the ivy with the long-handled loppers. Then after potting on some of the tomato plants got straight in the bath as I was sweating cogs and filthy. Though while potting on I realised I can't remember which one of the plants in the hanging tomato one. A lot of them have tags, but many don't and they all look the same at this point. Oh well, I'll have to guess and hope for the best.

All the tidying means there's now a load of bags and pieces of wood to go to the dump in a few days. My arms feel like spaghetti though. I was on my phone earlier and my hands were shaking as I was talking. I blame the loppers, those damn things are heavy.

H/c exchange has been edited, given a title and submitted. It's been weird being in a big challenge, I'm used to smaller ones where I know the mods and they keep in touch. This one was just, hit submit at A03 and it's done. No acknowledgement, just one press of a button. But still, done. And the editing I was procrastinating over took literally, all of ten minutes.

Yesterday we went to see at the cinema to see The Hustle. I keep having to look up the title as I never remember it, which says a lot about the film. Okay but I forgot all about it within minutes of leaving. After that, we went to see Corey for a bit and arranged to meet up for dinner before we go away.

Tomorrow on my list of jobs that need to be done, I'll be sorting out clothes that I don't wear now and putting them up for sale. I've got a few regular buyers from other times I've sold clothes, but it's so tedious. Make sure they're clean, not covered in cat hair, take photos, list, put up for sale. It would be so much easier to take them to a charity shop, except the money will come in very handy.

Then tonight, once James is home from work its Game of Thrones time. Who will be killed this week? Goodness knows, but it better not be Ghost.

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