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Monday turned out to be a really busy day. We were late for James' appointment -- not because of me btw, the traffic was horrendous on the way there. Then, I ended up waiting well over two hours for him to get his new leg fitted. Neither of us had expected it to take that long, and as we were hurrying to check in I'd left my bag which contained my purse, in the car and just gone in with my phone. James was taken back straight away so hadn't handed over the car keys, and I found out the little shop/cafe there didn't take card payments. I pretty much use Google pay on my phone everywhere now, so was stuck with no way to get a drink. I mean, I wasn't about to expire of thirst and if needed I could have gone got the keys off him but it was one of those cases where you're sitting and thinking, I'm sure they won't be much longer, then two hours have passed.

When he eventually came out we only had half an hour to get to the cinema where we had tickets to see Endgame again. I actually enjoyed it just as much the second time and was impressed with the little details I'd missed on the first viewing. James did fall asleep though, as did someone else in our row who must have fallen asleep and then woke up choking during one of the very silent moments.

That done we headed off to pick up a bobblehead I'd had put aside. It was a Smyth's toy store exclusive and was one of only two available in the area, so wanted to grab that asap. While there I saw a Bucky Barnes on the sales table, so grabbed him, too. Also, a T'Chella who was deeply discounted.

Left there and had about an hour to get to sibs dinner with Chris and Kayleigh. But we managed it and had a good time. Though Kayleigh made me paranoid as she posted our usual sibs meet up photo on her Insta and FB and then deleted them, along with my comment to her on another photo referencing it. I started to think someone had said something mean, but she says it's because she hated how her hair looked so took them down. Considering how often she uses filters that's probably the truth.

Then it was time to go home, have a quick bath and GoT.

I knew it was going to happen, but Theon. No. My reaction watching was NOOOOOOOOOOOO! It made sense and I love Theon's arc. That he was brought up my the Starks, betrayed them, was totally broken by Ramsay, clawed back some self-respect though still more likely to run than fight, clawed back even more self-respect, then finally got to die as he wanted with a sword in his hand and as Theon and not Reek.

But omg, I liked that Bran told him he was a good man because it obviously meant a lot to Theon, but Bran is an annoying creepy frustrating man/tree. He'd better have a plan after warging into those ravens and not just checked out for a while so he could watch the battle while people were getting killed to protect him. I mean, I'm going now. Sure Bran, you just go, leave all these folk to be killed by the Night King.

Okay, I know he probably does have a plan, but he really does annoy me with his long significant looks and not actually saying what he's thinking. Stupid creepy Bran.

I was expecting to lose so many others, and the fact the main hitters mostly seem to be alive still is surprising, though I suspect some may be injured. I'll miss Lyanna Mormont and her fierce self, and Jorah, there to protect Daenerys to the last.

Loved Arya being the one to kill the Night King. She trained so hard for that moment and took it.

Really enjoyed Sansa and Tyrion in the crypt together. That scene with the dagger was so understated and said so much without words.

Sam, omg, Sam. So unprepared to fight and because of that Edd died protecting him. I don't blame Sam for that, people were helping each other all over the place, but Sam really was out of his depth.

And all the Dothraki and Melisandre and gah! What an episode. Though whoever thought up that battle plan should be roasted by dragon fire. Sending in the Dothraki in first when they have dragons and catapults to try and pick some of the enemy off first makes no sense.

As always, bring on next week.

Tuesday we were out with my MiL, it was a good day mostly. Met her in town and spent some time with her, my Sil, nephew and SiLs partner, took MiL for dinner then to the hospital. She was managing to get in and out of the car to her wheelchair okay so decided to go for a drive to the beach where she had ice cream and the plan was she'd look around Asda with us, but she got quieter and quieter, said she'd stay in the car while we grabbed some groceries, and then it all went belly up trying to get her back in the house. She can't lift one of her feet very well atm, I needed to lift it into the car and to get in her house she needs to go up two steps. Plus, her wheelchair is just a bit too wide to go along the passage from the door to the living room. I honestly thought we'd need to phone for an ambulance to get her into the house. She couldn't lift her foot, was crying and panicking, my FiL was worse than useless getting stressed and thumping things around when James told him to swap her walker for the wheelchair and we'd force it through somehow. We managed in the end but she needed her inhaler and was on the verge of being sick into a bag and it was just a bad end to her trip out. She'd been enjoying it too. I just hope she hasn't lost her confidence and it was a case of her staying out just a little too long after months of being in the house and not moving.

Then, after we got her home we picked up some tomato plants I'd bought from a local selling site, went home and James' new leg wasn't fitting right at all, so he was the most pathetic sight limping home and in a lot of pain. He tried it again yesterday but the fit really isn't right, so back he goes again next week.

Yesterday was low key, bought some more tomato plants, went to a lovely mainly veggie cafe on the beachfront. Got some groceries and called in to see my MiL who was much better. Today is about house stuff getting done and catching up online. So a nice chilled day.

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