This last week or so has been very family based. Last Tuesday we… - Saving the Vorwuls since 3289 a cage!
This last week or so has been very family based.

Last Tuesday we took nanna for her very belated birthday dinner. She only likes to go out when it's warm so we've been waiting for her to say when it was acceptable to go out. We went to Tynemouth to a restaurant we like that overlooks the ocean. The food was good, we can park right outside so nanna didn't have to walk much, and she enjoyed herself.

After that we went for a short drive and ended up at Roker beach. There's a new coffee shop down there, an independent that's themed around biking. It has lots of interesting and different kinds of chairs, and a really nice atmosphere. Also, apparently, good ice cream as nanna polished off a tub of roasted strawberry flavour.

After that she was getting tired so told us she was ready to go home. After dropping her off it was only mid-afternoon so we went for a mooch around Herrington Park where we got to see a group of cygnets be caught and ringed.

The next day we took out my MiL for her birthday dinner. My FiL came too, and we ended up going for another carvery and then drove along the coast, stopping off at various points for coffee, ice creams for them, and eventually, back to the coffee place we'd been to with nanna the day before. Both of my parents in law have mobility issues so they were quite happy to sit in the car and enjoy the scenery while I had some little walks to stretch my legs.

Saturday it was my brother's birthday. He was out on a bike ride then went out to eat, so we just dropped off his cards and stuff, but saw him at nanna's on Sunday and apparently he'd had a good day. Neither mam or Kayleigh sent him cards though. He had a blow up with them a few months ago and then never went to see mam when she was so sick in hospital, so they haven't talked since. I'm keeping well out of it, he's in the wrong to an extent, especially in regards to what started that first argument, but mam's always, and continues to be, very difficult to deal with at times, and I don't blame him for deciding to check out completely.

I also saw my niece and nephew on Sunday. Where my niece told us that she really loves Panic at the Disco, and James immediately said, so does your Auntie Terri, so I got into this conversation that concluded with how her best friend photo shopped her own head onto Brendon's wedding photos. This niece is even younger than fannish niece. Sigh.

Saturday I also went to a session put on by the local cat rescue where I got to play with and help socialise 13 kittens. 13 of them! I was in heaven. They have a room set up like a small apartment and you get to play with the cats and help them get used to people before being adopted. They were so great, kittens flying everywhere. Curled up on top of the microwave, tugging at your laces, racing around. It was amazing, and while you don't have to pay anything, was well worth the donation I gave.

Sunday Pauline phoned to say her daughter was in hospital and had had a stroke, though thankfully a small one. Michelle is only 41, and while we're not legally related, dad and Pauline were together so long that she's pretty much an unofficial step-sister. She's been sent home now but needs to go back for all kinds of tests as her face is still affected and her walking not good. But, she's young and relatively fit, so hopefully things will be okay.

Yesterday mam needed to go and be fitted for a 24 hour heart monitor. So we took her to get that fitted, and went out for a drive afterwards, where we ended up at that coffee shop again for the third time in a week. What can I say, it does great coffee and lovely views of the beach. Though James nearly did himself an injury when he sat on one of those chairs that bounce backwards, they've probably got a proper name but they're like a sidewards U for the frame at the bottom, and he just couldn't get out of it.

Today I've dropped off mam's monitor at the hospital, dropped a lot of rubbish off at the dump, and also went to see The Zookeepers Wife at a silver surfer session at the Odeon. Those tickets are great, they're aimed at older cinema goers but anyone can attend. Tickets are only £3 and you get free coffee/tea and biscuits. The screen was packed and James and me felt quite the spring chickens as we were the youngest people there by what looked like 20 years. But UK people, I do recommend the sessions if you have an Odeon near where you live. The films aren't brand new, usually about a month behind, but well worth the cost if you don't have an Unlimited card.

I think the only other thing to share is I've a nurses appointment for next Tuesday to see if I can be accepted onto the local Room to Improve exercise scheme. It's a 3 month scheme that introduces you to exercise, with the gym classes being the thing I'm most interested. James is going too, and I have no doubt he'll be accepted, but I don't really fit any of the qualifications apart from iffy joints, and even that's only one knee. I'd really like this stepping stone to doing my own thing, but may be too healthy. Which yeah, makes me both smile and sigh.

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solariana From: solariana Date: August 1st, 2017 10:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
That's a lot of birthdays all around each other!

Getting to play with 13 kittens? What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

I hope Pauline's daughter is able to recover quickly and with no side effects.
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