I've just sat and watched one of the fat pigeons sit on one of the… - Saving the Vorwuls since 3289 a cage!
I've just sat and watched one of the fat pigeons sit on one of the flower tubs on the garden shelf and send it flying, soil and plants going everywhere. Stupid fat pigeon.

It's been a nice but mostly uneventful few days. It's been nicely sunny often, showery at other times, but we finally seem to be pulling away from the cold days. The most important thing that happened, for me anyway, was I gave blood for the first time. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but I was outside of the weight limits for being able to give, so when I was inside of those I decided to go for it. It took a while to get an appointment as there's only one session every few months in my town, and they got filled almost immediately. But a few days ago I saw a session in a hotel close to the Asda where we go shopping, and it had appointments left, so I booked one.

I was nervous going in. I'd researched and knew the bypass wouldn't stop me donating, but I have to take iron tables, so worried about those and the other meds. In the end I had to have a chat with a nurse to make sure I was okay to give, but it was fine, and my iron levels checked out okay, and before I knew it I was being escorted to one of the banana chairs. And from there everything went great, apart from nearly being catapulted from the chair at the end. I suspect it was because my legs are heavier than most, and the nurse taking the blood didn't take that into account when hitting the switch that put the chair back into an upright position, so gravity shot me forward, and instead of a controlled sit up, I was up in an instant. It was funny more than anything, though, and I couldn't stop laughing for a while.

The people there were so lovely. The nurse asked why I'd decided to donate, and I told her how I'd had all this fantastic medical treatment for free, and wanted to give back, even in a little way, and she patted my hand and said she was proud of all that I'd done, and it made me feel good. I also wore my 'it's my first blood donation' sticker with pride afterwards. See. That I was a little disgruntled that I couldn't have my usual hot bath that night.

Yesterday I got my permanent cap fitted, and it looks so much better. It feels better, too. I'm looking forward to eating a nice granny smith apple later as while the dentist said I could eat them with the temp cap, I was worried about it falling off, and I've missed my night time snack.

Mam's been poorly again and had the doctor out on Monday, where he said if he'd gone a day later she'd have been admitted to hospital again, and as it was she was only two points on the oxygen level of being admitted anyway. He also made her promise if her daughters wanted to call for medical help earlier that she let them, as both Kayleigh and me had been trying to get her to see the doctor for two days at that point. After more steroids and antibiotics she's finally feeling a bit better, though still sleeps loads.

She's having carer issues though. Not her actual main carers, who are both brilliant. But the person who sorts out the care calls. Mam's supposed to have the same two carers nearly all of the time. Sure, there should be stand-ins sometimes due to days off or emergencies, but mainly those two ladies. Since she's been getting the carers she's had ten different people, and on three times has been knocked out of bed because they didn't know she had a key safe, or if they did know didn't know the code. She gets a morning carer because she's having issues getting out of bed, taking meds etc, so to be knocked out of bed, and made to get downstairs on her own to let them in is so wrong. Kayleigh has been furious. It's the exact job she used to do so she knows the care standards they're supposed to show, and not knowing about the key safe is failing at a big level. So she's kicked off on the phone three times now, and apparently got attitude back yesterday. Leading to mam's main carer getting a message saying the scheduler was sick of the hassle and the carer could have 'mam's surname' full time and she was sick of it. That just seems so disrespectful, even Mrs surname would have been better, but not that.

So, that happened yesterday morning, I guess I'll see what happened this morning when I go up soon.

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msktrnanny From: msktrnanny Date: May 18th, 2017 06:45 pm (UTC) (Link)

Look at you! I am so impressed and moved by you taking charge of your life and doing the things you want to do and sharing them so openly with people. You're my hero!! So delighted to be able to watch your journey. ❤️

turps33 From: turps33 Date: July 12th, 2017 03:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
Look at you! I am so impressed and moved by you taking charge of your life and doing the things you want to do and sharing them so openly with people.

Thank you ♥

Honestly, my life has changed so much in the last year I hardly recognise it. Not that I'm doing anything wildly different, it's just realising that I am capable of moving and walking and doing new things.

Honestly, I hadn't realised just how limited my life had become before, and now it keeps opening up. The theatre, bike riding, all are easy and familiar things to me now.

And I'll always share opening what I've been through. It doesn't apply so much on here, but elsewhere I've talked to a few people who are on the path to weight loss surgery, and if my experience can help them even a little, well that's a fantastic thing.
gh0sts From: gh0sts Date: May 18th, 2017 08:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well done on donating blood :) I really want to, but because I'm always getting pierced and tattooed, I'm never within the time frame.

I hope your mam picks up soon! She shouldn't have so many different people, though. Sure, there may be more than two, but it should be the same ones, and the attitude of the organiser is completely out of order. You or Kayleigh should complain to someone higher up, because the job is not getting done to standard.
turps33 From: turps33 Date: July 12th, 2017 03:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
Gah, yeah, I imagine piercings and tattoos would make the time frames difficult. I nearly had issues with that with going to the dentist to get my crown done. I only just scraped by to get into the session I did.

The whole carer situation was so difficult attimes. While they were reassuring at first, and mam did get a usual carer who came five days out of seven, she'd never ask her to do anything, and then found out she'd have to pay over £100 a week to keep them on. So, no carers now.
arsenicjade From: arsenicjade Date: May 30th, 2017 01:11 am (UTC) (Link)
Way to go giving blood! I failed again this week, sigh.
turps33 From: turps33 Date: July 1st, 2017 09:51 am (UTC) (Link)
Way to go giving blood! I failed again this week, sigh.

I was expecting to fail too, so was happy when I could go ahead. Now I have a shiny card and everything :)
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