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Mam is safely home and the carers started today. Which is reassuring, as even if she doesn't actually ask them to do anything I know she's seeing someone four times a day. Obviously I'll still go up, and Kayleigh will too, but this way a carer is there first thing in the morning to check on her, and early evening, so she'll never go hours without being seen.

Then, on Friday Corey phoned saying that his wisdom tooth was hurting and cutting into his cheek what should he do? He's never registered at a dentist in Newcastle, so we phoned the one he goes to at home, and he got an appointment for today. Moving to Saturday, he phoned again saying his tooth and cheek really didn't feel right, and what should he do? So James suggested we go get him on Sunday and bring him home or if he couldn't wait until then we could try and get an emergency dentist appointment. Corey said no. A few hours later he phoned again, once more, he was in lot of pain, what should he do? James said we'd go and get him, but Corey said no. At which point I called back, said we were going through for him and he could make an appointment at the walk in centre to make sure he didn't have an infection. Yes, he's 21 and more than capable of looking after himself, but three phone calls within a day and I just couldn't leave it at that.

So we picked him up, he went to the walk in and thankfully they thought no infection. So he's been using heat, pain killing gel for gums, pain killers, and today went to the dentist where they found out yes he has an infection. He's got antibiotics and medical mouth wash and they think he'll be feeling much better soon, but if it starts again he'll need the tooth taken out.

Despite him being a full time student we found out he needs to pay for both his dentist visit and his prescription, which was an unpleasant surprise. Thankfully the receptionist was lovely, and after looking at what had been prescribed said it was cheaper to just buy the mouthwash at a chemist, then changed her mind, went to talk to the dentist, came back and gave it to him out of their own stocks.

Despite it being the holidays Corey's got load of group assignments to do, so will go back to Newcastle tomorrow. Until then, it's been lovely to have him home for a bit, even if the dish washer isn't used to being used twice a day now.

I also made an appointment for myself to see the dentist. A few years back the cap fell off my front tooth, and while it doesn't bother me, cosmetically the left behind cement doesn't look the best, often looking like I've a bad tooth. So I'm going to see how much it'll be to get that sorted, it means I'll need to pay for that first visit and any subsequent treatment, but it needs doing and I am trying to look after myself now, even if that is just cosmetic.

We also had medical issues for nanna. She's been told she's got something in her stomach, not cancer, but something. But the only way they could find out what is an op, and of course, at her age that's not going to happen. The thing is though, right now she's feeling better than she's has for a long time, so, whatever it is it's going to be left. A decision I very much agree with.

Apart from that. It's been gorgeous weather lately so the greenhouse is now full of tomato plants and seed trays. So far we've planted more tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers and some flowers. Plus, Pauline dug up the gladioli bulbs from her garden. They were dad's pride and joy but Pauline can't give the garden the attention it needs, so she's cut right back, sharing those bulbs out between me and her son. I've planted mine, so fingers crossed they'll grow and be another nod to dad. Not that the garden needs it, every space and thing in it is a happy reminder of him, but hopefully those gladioli will add to that.

I'm sure most people suspect how I feel anyway, to address the LJ thing. I have no intention of leaving the site, but completely understand why some are leaving. I've cross-posted for a long time, and read and comment on both sites, and that's not going to change. I'm happy to be friended on DW, or LJ, hell, both if you want.

And some small fannish content. As always I loved Mikey bd message to Gerard, and also enjoyed yet again these old photos of Mikey, Gerard and Ray at a fan's Make a Wish meeting.

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castalie From: castalie Date: April 12th, 2017 07:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
As always, there's so much going on and so many things to take care of! Happy your mam is home and having people take over for you when you can't be there and that it was nothing serious for Corey.

but it needs doing and I am trying to look after myself now, even if that is just cosmetic.

I'd say that you're doing more than "trying" and you're right, cosmetic can be important as well...glad you have the opportunity to do so.

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