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Yesterday Kayleigh posted she was engaged on FB, and of course it's caused a hit of hassle. Not that she's engaged, Shauna is lovely, or that it happened 3 weeks ago, but that they'd announced on FB without telling either of their families. Really, they should have told their parents first at least.

James got his new wheelchair, you can see him in it here. It's so lovely, which may sound a weird thing to say about a wheelchair, but after pushing his old one for so long this one is like a sports model in comparison. It has wheels that pop off, making it easy to get in the boot of the car, is comfortable with material that doesn't make you sweat on the back if you're sitting in it a long time, and pushes so easily. While there we also arranged for his mam to be contacted about her wheelchair. Because she's a bigger lady they gave her one where the seat is a block of wood, which of course isn't comfortable. The wheelchair tech said they hadn't given those kinds out for 15 years and the new kinds are so much better, so hopefully she'll get something that's actually comfortable asap.

Some of you may remember me posting a while back how one of my goals was to sit in the chairs outside a cafe on the beach-front. I never did as they were too small for me with having metal unmovable arms, but yesterday while at the beach I decided to try, and I did it.

Yesterday I also went for a bra fitting. Which was pretty scary thinking about going in, but was totally fine. The lady was so friendly and matter of fact as she measured and then fitted me, and it turns out I've gone down a size in terms of band and four sizes in cup size, so no wonder my old bras didn't fit well. So I left wearing the new bra, and it's very comfortable while being supportive.

Today I had a hair cut and have had a few inches of hair chopped off. It looks so much better.

In fannish news. I got my picfor1000 assignment which you can see here. I've got a vague idea taking shape. Now I just have to hope that forms into an actual story.

Finally, [personal profile] sperrywink your other parcel came. Thank you! It's now put aside for a while ♥

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egelantier From: egelantier Date: February 4th, 2017 02:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
congratulations on all the good news! and you look absolutely lovely - that's an awesome haircut.
turps33 From: turps33 Date: February 4th, 2017 03:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
It's been a good few days.

Thank you. She's cut off inches of raggedy bits of hair, and it feels so much sleeker.
castalie From: castalie Date: February 5th, 2017 10:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
So many awesome news! Congrats on reaching one of your goals. And the haircut looks good
arsenicjade From: arsenicjade Date: February 13th, 2017 02:46 am (UTC) (Link)
I love the new hair, but I just have to admit: I'm deeply disappointed in James's new chair. His leg has FLAMES on it. He needs a matching chariot.
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