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The electricians eventually came yesterday afternoon and were here for hours. I thought they were just coming to check everything was okay, but no. There was banging and crashing and they blew the fuses upstairs, and then fixed them. Apparently, while the heater works it wasn't actually connected to the solar panels on the roof, so all the sunny days when I was happy the sun was magically heating the water, nothing was actually happening. Or happening now as there was a faulty connector so the roofer has to come change that then the electrician come back to turn things on properly.

Changing the subject, I'm loving Aldi's response to being sued by Marks and Spencer for caterpilla cake copyright.

Aldi has played a blinder social media wise with a free Cuthbert campaign going on, and today they've put out a plea on FB for all the main shop's caterpillar cakes to band together in aid of charity. Copy-pasting as I couldn't work out how to directly link to a FB post. Collapse )

Such a great response to being sued, and whoever is behind it should get a gold star. I'm sure I can contribute by eating a bit of Cuthbert, or Colin, Curly, Clyde, Cecil, Charlie, Morris and Wiggles I won't caterpillar discriminate.

A round up/pictures at the BBC site here

On the theme of things I love, this is one of my favourite songs atm.

I've also just found out they've started to film a new Downton Abbey movie to be released this Christmas. You all know how much I love Christmas films, add that to Christmas time and just, joy! Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish. comment count unavailable
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I enjoyed the weekend just gone.

Saturday we did nothing in the morning as the electrician was supposed to be coming to sign off on the solar heater. He was due at 11 and at 12:30 we phoned to ask if he was still coming, only for him to say he was in Bradford at the time which is two hours away without any delays. So, we told him we'd have to reschedule as we'd made plans for the late afternoon as he was supposed to be there in the morning. He's supposedly coming today instead, whether he does or not is another matter.

Once we knew he wasn't coming we headed off to visit Kayleigh for a while then Durham for a few hours as it was a beautiful, warm, sunny spring day. It was so nice to see the market place busy and full of life again. Covid marshals were going around checking social distancing but still, there was enough buzz going on that it was just lovely to sit in the sunshine and people watch.

It was also a good food waste day. I've mentioned before I like the apps that help address food waste. I use both Olio and Too Good to Go. Olio have food waste heroes who collect any food that's about to be thrown away from shops and give it away free via the app. They get to keep 10% themselves, the rest goes to others. There are two heroes in my immediate area, both collecting from Tesco, one Sat the other Sun and on Sat I got some tasty bread, croissants and chocolate orange cookies.

I also got two magic bags from Too Good to Go. That one you pay a small amount for a bag but they come from places like Costa, Morrisons etc. It's sheer luck what you get in your bags but mostly you end up with good stuff. On Sat I paid £6 for two bags from Costa and got four toasties, a panini, a muffin and two pieces of cake. So, that was our lunches sorted for a few days.

Late afternoon was when we had plans and we picked up a Thai takeaway and went to visit with Pauline and her daughter and again, it was great to spend some time with them and eat food that I hadn't made or was from somewhere like Subway or Greggs. That night I went to bed tired after all the sunshine and fresh air, but it was a really nice day.

Yesterday was the usual Sunday stuff, grocery shopping, making flapjacks for James' bait and work shirt ironing. But, as it was another lovely day I also tidied the garden a bit and set off a bug bomb in the greenhouse, so hopefully the blight issue won't rear up again. I also had a long chat with Corey and sat in the sun in the garden for a bit. So, overall I'd say yesterday was a win too.

Today is staying home and waiting for the electrician. I'd like to say working on my h/c fic but I know for a fact I won't be able to settle into writing until he's been. Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish. comment count unavailable
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Good things. The £500 extra working tax credit COVID bonus hit our bank account this morning. It's already been split up, a chunk going into savings, some bills paid and also means we don't have to worry about paying the arranged monthly vet bill this month.

Disappointing things. The assessor came out, took up some floorboards and then said there's not enough room under the floor for his company to do the insulation. Now, the man from the actual green grant scheme said they'd be doing it from above while this man said it was from below so I've no idea what's going to happen now. Because this stage can't happen we won't get the new boiler either. Guess it's just a case of waiting now.

Sad things. Kayleigh's had to take her oldest cat to the vets. Mr Tumnus is 16 and has been poorly and it turns out he's got pancreatitis, but they're also waiting to see what his bloods say as he could also have other issues. I've been messaging her all morning and she's in bits waiting to hear the results. He has to stay at the vets for the weekend regardless, but more bad news on top of the pancreatitis could result in them having to go for the saddest option.

And Kayleigh has just phoned, his bloods have came back fine apart from the pancreatitis and apparently after fluids he's perked up loads and may come home tonight along with a boatload of meds. Cats man, they always make you worry.

Messy things. While waiting for Kayleigh to phone I decided to use the cookie mix and make some cookies. Softened the butter nicely, went to get the flour to roll them out and knocked some spice bottles down, which knocked the salt down, which knocked over my chicken basket full of eggs which smashed on the floor. Those cookies better be tasty! Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish. comment count unavailable
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Ewan the sheep arrived yesterday and has now been delivered to Kayleigh and Lucy. They've read that babies react to noise in the womb so Ewan will be unpacked and making white noise at Lucy's bump asap. They really are the most adorable first-time parents. And now I'm home I see Kayleigh has posted Ewan in action here

I originally wrote a lot here about various workmen but what it came down to was, the joiner came yesterday and I now have a floor in the airing cupboard again. The electrician was supposed to come yesterday to sign off on the solar heater but is now coming on Saturday. I was supposed to have a workmen free day tomorrow but now someone is coming to do another survey on the house. The scaffolding is still here.

Today actually was a workman free as James had a day off so we went to Sunderland as the non-essential shops reopened on Monday. It was nice to see them open again and James picked up a box he needed for a commission and then we went to Lush. Earlier this week Lush Sunderland asked people to nominate NHS heroes who'd worked through the pandemic so they could give them a treat, so I nominated James.

I enjoyed being back in the shop and talking to the staff again, they were being very careful safety-wise and I felt very comfortable. The manageress had put together treat bags for baths and showers but had no bath ones at hand so James was able to pick any bubble bar for his treat. Then I took advantage of the recycling scheme which gives you 50p off a product for every empty Lush packaging you bring back and treated myself to one of the new issue bubble bars. And, as a bonus, I was told Karma shower gel is coming soon, my favourite scent :D

It was also the last day of the Costa promo, I can divulge that Hazelnut plus lattes heat up nicely in the microwave, and I still have one in the fridge for the morning. At least, that's the plan, it may not actually last that long. Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish. comment count unavailable
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I had to go post a letter today.

It's also Costa's 50th birthday, so for three days, all hot drinks are 50p. You can get up to 5 per day per app and you know I was tempted to come home with multiple Hazelnut and almond protein plus lattes, but, I only got one. I do wonder if they'd heat up nicely in the microwave, though.

Apart from my walk, I've finally made a start on my h/c exchange, changed the bedding and dried a load on the line, or at least, mostly dried, I suspect they made need finishing off in the tumbler.

I've also ordered Ewan the sheep, one of the few things Kayleigh and Lucy haven't already bought for the baby. So as days go it hasn't been bad, and a bit of a calm before the storm as workmen are due tomorrow and Thursday. Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish. comment count unavailable
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I've just finished watching the latest ep of This Is Us, and when it finished Prime suggested I watch Brothers and Sisters. I didn't even know the show was on Prime, and now I see they have all five seasons. I loved that show so much and watched it avidly when it was broadcast. I loved Justin especially and was thrilled when the actor who played him popped up as D'avin in Killjoys, and was generally sad when the show finished, even though it went downhill by the end season.

I want to watch, but at the same time, I don't because I suspect I'll see it in a different way now. But man, it's tempting to click that link.

Also, taking of Luke Macfarlane, I was checking his wiki out and in his listed work saw he's filmed 5 Hallmark Christmas movies, and that's just the ones with Christmas in the titles. No wonder I see him all the time when Christmas 24 starts.

On my tv show link jump I also saw the new The Hardy Boys show that came out in Dec. I knew nothing about it and it's not available anywhere I have access. Though it's probably just as well as they've changed the brothers ages and Joe is now 12 instead of 17 with blonde hair and blue eyes, an impulsive nature, excellent at sports with a tendency to be reckless as opposed to his older, dark-haired, brown-eyed brother, Frank, who is more serious which feels very wrong.

Corey phoned yesterday and as the next stage of lockdown eases starts today, he's back at work. He was telling me his shifts and is in from early afternoon to 3am. Newcastle council have blocked off one side of the road so businesses can put tables outside and Corey's workplace has 16 tables with heated umbrellas, and apparently, they're all booked solid. I was surprised that they were allowed to stay open so late but there's no curfew so as long as people are willing to sit outside in the cold, and it's very cold here atm, still snowing in fact, they can do so. Though personally no way would I be out that late.

Corey's hoping he's got the job of making drinks inside and not doing table service because they have to ensure every person at the pub checks into track and trace as well as moving them along when their slot is finished. Something that should be okay earlier on, but I suspect will be harder the later it gets.

ETA: James just got in touch to say the green grant people had phoned him about next steps and when he asked when the joiners were coming out to put the floor back in the airing cupboard, the boilerman hadn't actually reported it. Now I need to wait until Thursday before I can get the towels stashed away. Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish. comment count unavailable
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Going oldskool with a GIP.

Look what [personal profile] kat_lair made for me. The beautiful Aramis.

But not only that, they made me so many other icons which you can see right here.

Seriously, that table of icons sums me up pretty well.

Thank you again, [personal profile] kat_lair you're the best ♥ Sorry LJ, I only have a few icons slots over here, so if you want to see you'll have to check out the DW post. Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish. comment count unavailable
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I had my second COVID jab this morning. It was a good decision to change from the hub as the actual process was hassle-free and extremely quick, literally a matter of five minutes from walking in the main door to out again. As of now I've no side effects apart from a sore arm and feeling tired, so hopefully, it stays like that.

After doing that it was home to meet the assessor for the underfloor insulation and new boiler. Apparently, since the last time we talked to him they've changed how they install the insulation and now instead of a man going under the floorboards via a cut out hatch and slithering around under there, they now do the job from above, taking up carpets, lino etc. The assessor says it's much quicker that way and the workmen will move any furniture, doing one side of the room then the other. Which is great, but will mean I need to move and pack away delicate stuff, like my computer, and stuff that could be broken. I have to admit I was a bit downhearted about that news when he said because it will be a lot of work, especially as it's every room downstairs. But, I reminded myself we were lucky to get this grant and the end result will be great. Plus, I was going to decorate soon anyway, so I've decided the week they're due I'll make that my painting week too and just have a blank canvas downstairs, taking everything upstairs, apart from the big furniture that needs to stay.

So yes, it'll be fine and I'll try not to complain about it too much /o\

Then, of course, it was announced Prince Philip died. It wasn't a surprise and while I'm not a royalist I feel for the family, especially the queen. It's the first time I've experienced the death of a senior royal and it was startling when the tv show we were watching went off the air with black screens and then the breaking news. We've been out for a drive this afternoon and all flags are at half-mast, digital billboards are showing Prince Philip and all the radio stations are playing slow and gentle songs, the kind you usually hear at the end of a night out.

I've got the new episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to watch, but that won't happen until tomorrow now. My plans are a long soak in the bath and a good read. For the last week or so I've been link surfing Downton Abbey, Thomas centric fics and have been enjoying reading them. But, I also saw the new part of the Musketeers dragon rider AU has been posted so Downton may be pushed aside tonight.

Or you know, I may sit on the couch and go to sleep. It's a toss up right now. Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish. comment count unavailable
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I thought I'd share a photo of the tank Collapse )

I found out today the overseer is coming here on Friday to discuss the next stage which is a new energy efficient boiler -- which is thankfully a straight swap for the old one we have now -- and the underfloor insulation. I guess with the green grant finishing they're having to get all the jobs done asap, but that's another disruption I don't have to think about yet. Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish. comment count unavailable
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The solar heating men have just gone and the new hot water tank is huge.

When they fit came to check out the house and get things in place the supervisor said because of the way the roof is angled they couldn't put the tank in the attic so suggested the corner of the spare room would be an alternative. We said yes, but I really didn't expect the tank to be so big. No way can the desk go back in the same place that it was, and right now my airing cupboard has no bottom as they had to take out the wooden flooring to fit the pipes. The joiners are coming to fix that in the next few days, and meanwhile, I suspect we'll have to get a quote about boxing in the tank.... or maybe I should embrace the cylinder shape, add some giant googly eyes and make it a robot.

I am still glad we got it done, because I have a deep, hot bath pretty much every night so it'll save on heating water, but have to admit, the tank will take some getting used to.

The workmen arrived just after 8am and worked solidly until about half an hour ago, they were very nice but I couldn't wait to get the heating on as soon as they went because man, it's cold. Also, snowing on and off, which, where has the warm sunny weather gone? Also posted at Dreamwidth. Reply where you wish. comment count unavailable