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Something I learned in the last few days. Read packets carefully, because a packet of sunflower seeds that has husks printed on them doesn't actually mean you can eat them whole. Lets just say both me and James ended up chewing for ages and ended with a mouthful of what felt like splinters.

I got a new phone yesterday. I've gone for a Google pixel because the camera is excellent, so now it's a case of getting things how I like them. The main one being finding an email client I like as there's not a compatible version of Thunderbird, and I really don't like the actual gmail app or site.

Because I have the new phone I had to add fitbit to it, and was overjoyed to get the buzz of happiness that meant I'd met my steps, as I didn't think I'd walked that far. Then realised fitbit had reset the count to 5k and not 10k. Sadness!

Yesterday I also started to sort out Corey's birthday cake as he turns 21 in a few weeks. His actual birthday is on the Saturday, and he'll be spending that out with friends, so we're having a family meal in the week before. Now I just need to sort out where and try and herd cats to get everyone there.

This is going to be a post of cut tags, starting with,

Not that there's much to say. Her lung function tests remained the same -- she has 40% lung function -- and she made it clear she wants no operation and just monitored. The surgeon was fine with that, and has just started the ball rolling for some kind of community based rehab to get her strength up, which I think is a great idea.

After that we went out to eat at a restaurant Kayleigh loves, and I have to agree, it's a good one.

Which brings me nicely to the fact I finally had to give in and buy protein powder

The diet after wls is very focussed on protein first. I'm supposed to be eating around 60 - 80g a day, and have been falling far short. Right now, even months out, I'm done after eating a medium chicken breast, and for tea tend to have a quorn burger with beans, both of which have decent protein, but it's just not enough. So I bought a big tub of chocolate protein powder and have been making a shake with that. A scoop of powder, almond milk and water means I'm getting 26g of protein, which is a great top up. Sunderland prefer that you get it through actual food, and I do understand why, but it just wasn't happening. So a shake it is.

We went to the cinema two different days. To see Hacksaw Ridge the first day, and T2 Trainspotting the second.

Okay, I have to say, Hacksaw Ridge has jumped up as the favourite film I've seen recently. I loved that it was a true story, and it was surprisingly uplifting for a war movie. Saying that, the actual battle scenes were some of the most realistic, horrific, gory and shocking I've ever seen. The staging and filming was amazing, and deserves any awards that they get. But, I have no desire to see those scenes again.

T2: Trainspotting was good, too. We saw it opening day and the cinema was very much majority filled with people of a certain age who must have loved the first movie. While you could see this one without seeing the original, knowing the original movie makes this second one so much better, as you see the characters you came to know the first time grown up and changed as people, in both small and big ways. I loved the use of flash back scenes both from the first movie and childhood, and in the end, it felt inevitable that Renton and Sickboy ended up together.

Finally, Sperrywink and Turlough wanted to see photos of the finished bathroom, so, they're behind

Not the bathroom but a photo I liked from our visit to the Life Centre. Can you tell it's us?


My view from the bath. Lately I've been watching Netflix while in there, making my way through Orange is the New Black. The Fire gets moved if any of the cats decide to come in for a nose -- I do shut the door but they're strong when they want to be.


The fancy radiator/towel heater thing.


I love how they boxed in behind the toilet, and that shelf is very handy.


And finally, the view from the doorway.


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msktrnanny From: msktrnanny Date: January 29th, 2017 03:28 pm (UTC) (Link)

Getting in your protien can be really hard- I had trouble with it during chemo. The powder will help. Any chance you have coverage to talk to a nutritionist? They'd be able to give you help getting for your food based protein intake up. I am so impressed with your commitment and progress on this! You're amazing!

Hacksaw is up for best picture so I'll be seeing it in the best picture showcase. Glad for the gore warning, though. I've little stomach for that stuff given our current climate. Looking forward to T2, though!

The bathroom looks fantastic! I love your curly little grab bar. Any chance you have the info on it? Mom is having the bathroom redone and needs one or two, this would be a great choice. Thanks!

turps33 From: turps33 Date: January 29th, 2017 05:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have to admit, protein wasn't really something I thought much about before this, now it feels like I'm always checking amounts. I do see a dietician as part of the process, but won't get to see her for another month or so when I'm 6 months post op. However, I can email or phone questions so I may do that. Also, thank you. It helps that I'm seeing such a positive outcome. So keeping protein levels up, taking meds etc is easy when I'm feeling so good.

Hacksaw is a powerful film, but the gore really is high. I'd still recommend it, but it's not an easy watch at times.

I do have the info. You can buy it here. If you look around there's a load of other rails, too. Including plastic, colours. I hope you find something that works for your mom's bathroom. The company delivered really fast, too.
brandywine28 From: brandywine28 Date: January 31st, 2017 05:12 am (UTC) (Link)
You've given me major bathroom envy! I want a fancy towel heater thing!
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