Snowflake challenge day 12 and 13 - Saving the Vorwuls since 3289 a cage!
Snowflake challenge day 12 and 13
It was mam's appointment at the hospital yesterday, and it was better news than I was expecting

I was a bit taken aback that the surgeons first words to her were 'I could ruin you' but he went on to say surgery could make people very ill, listed complications and what could happen during the op and recovery, and once that was out of the way, moved onto the positives. I actually liked he did it that way, just his opening statement was a little out there.

As of now, she could have lung cancer. The tumour in her lung has got bigger, and is attached to something that's making it bulge. But, as nothing has spread, if she does have the op that's it, all cancer gone. The thing is, they still don't know it actually is cancer and won't know unless they do the potentially dangerous op. Mam has lupus, and as he said, that can cause scarring, lumps and bumps anyway, so it could be that. It's just worrying that the thing is getting bigger.

She mentioned how the nebulisers had been helping, but that she hadn't had one that morning. Mam is terrible at getting up, she always says she needs at least two hours to pull herself together, and that's never good in terms of morning appointments. So he said go away, keep taking those treatments four times a day for 2 weeks and she can have some lung function tests done. Then, depending on the results of that he may say no to operating anyway.

But, he also said there's no need to rush, and even if it was cancer it's not a time sensitive one, so she's not about to drop dead any time soon. So, more waiting I guess.

I was very lucky yesterday as I nearly lost an earring. It's one Corey bought me years ago, they're not expensive but I tend to wear them daily and they mean a lot to me. I went to put them in and there was only one on my desk. I looked everywhere for the other one, including taking stuff off my desk, moving stuff under it, and nope. It wasn't there. Then I thought about the bin next to my desk, the bin I'd emptied that morning into the main wheely bin, which was outside waiting to be emptied. Thankfully the bin lorry hadn't been yet, and I had a bin liner in the bin, so it was just a case of getting that back out, and empting the rubbish into the sink so I could sort through it -- and my earring was there.

The men were here to fit the new bathroom flooring this morning, and it looks fantastic. But now I can't get the bath side back on. The bathroom fitters are coming on Tuesday to do the final few jobs, so I may just leave it propped up until then, I'd hate to break it trying to wrestle it back into place.

Snowflake now.

Day 12

In your own space, post a rec for fannish spaces and resources - comms, challenges, twitters, tumblrs, etc. Tell us about where you hang out. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Brief answer as sadly I don't hang out on many comms now. But I do like [personal profile] bbcmusketeerskink and of course [community profile] hc_bingo even though I suck at it, and finally, one of my favourite challenges is picfor1000 over on LJ. I also still read lots of band people on twitter and insta, and am enjoying seeing Kristin be so excited about being pregnant and the upcoming birth of their baby girl.

Day 13
In your own space, write about a moment in fandom that meant a lot to you. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

The very first Camp Sparkle. Walking into that huge house in Wales and meeting people like Turlough for the very first time. One moment that always sticks in my mind was standing outside with Pen and Nopseud, and watching people in the hot tub, adelate, Rikes, Saba and others. It started to snow, and the hot tub lights were flashing and Backstreet Boys were playing, and it was just one of those moments when you think, yeah, these are my people.

Getting emails and direct messages about Grey Crimson Skies in the weeks after I posted it. That was the first time I fully realised that something I wrote could talk to people and affect them so deeply. I still treasure those emails and the things people shared.

The first bit of feedback I got when I posted my very first popslash fic on LJ. It was a ridiculously angsty BSB ficlet, and llumi left me a comment, and I was thrilled because while I had posted fic before, popslash was my new shiny fandom, and I was very nervous posting anything. Llumi used to still pop up every now and then, and I hope she knows how much that comment meant.

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brandywine28 From: brandywine28 Date: January 14th, 2017 12:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
Good news about your mom, kind of! Or at least, the lack of urgency makes everything sound a lot less dire.

But it sounds like that surgeon's bedside manner could use a little work.

I love that you remember your first bit of feedback!!
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